Alien Security is an award winning cyber security consultancy based in City University Of London that provides ethical hacking services for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit. Alien Security believes that cyber security is not only a technology problem but also, a “people” problem, which is why we offer cyber security support to clients and tailor our services to their needs.

What we do is that we take your authorisation to cause some serious chaos testing your IT environments and your physical cyber security (if its required) to maximise your cyber security defence, we also have a soft side where we answer any questions or concerns you have regarding information security. Our aim is to secure your company and protect your assets before its too late.


Founded & Managed by Noor Alrayes

[Cyber Security Expert, Ethical Hacker, and Entrepreneur ]


What makes Alien Security different?

Alien Security was founded by ethical hackers, who have the knowledge, skills, and the understanding of what hackers want and how they can attack your company. Furthermore, the cyber security industry is growing with a lot of products that will benefit your company, however, most of those excellent products focuses on controlling access while Alien Security focuses on the important thing which is protecting data, and strengthen your cyber security readiness. We think that installing these products as a first layer of defence and combining that with regular pen tests will maximise your cyber security defence.