Since our inception, Alien Security Ltd has been totally focused on providing the best cyber security support and maximising cyber defence.

Alien Security is an award winning cyber security consultancy based in City University Of London that provides ethical hacking services for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.

We believes that cyber security is not only a technology problem but also, a “people” problem, which is why we offer cyber security support to clients and tailor our services to their needs.

Alien Security was founded by ethical hackers, who have the knowledge, skills, and the understanding of what hackers want and how they can attack your company.

We focus on the important thing which is protecting data, and strengthen your cyber security readiness.

We are part of City LaunchLab,supported by City University Of London.

Founded & Managed by Noor Alrayes

[Noor Alrayes is an Ethical Hacker and holds an MSc in Cyber Security from City University. She took part in the CityVentures program where she built and launched a three-time award-winning cyber security consulting firm. She has a deep interest in the human aspect of security and was awarded the Young Achievers award from one of her talks on cybersecurity awareness at the UK House of Parliament. In 2019, Noor Alrayes was named the Arbuthnot Latham Inspiring Innovator of the year 2019 In support of Alien Security Ltd. ]



  • CitySpark MarketPlace [Maker Award] - Best Business Idea in the category of Engineering and computer Science

  • CitySpark Finale [Maker Award] - Best Business Idea in the category of Engineering and computer Science

  • Arbuthnot Latham Inspiring Innovator Of The Year 2019

Mentorship & Support from Arbuthnot Latham

Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Limited have announced cyber-security consultancy Alien Security ltd as the overall winner of the fourth annual Inspiring Innovator of the Year Awards