Alien Security have created pre-made packages to satisfy specific clients needs. You can get in touch with us to for more options

Information Security Kick-Start Package

This package is useful for SMEs and startups who are in the process of implementing a cyber security strategy and comply to industry standards. Alien Security will provide a full information security management service and will conduct a full study on your company’s assets,components..etc, equipping your business with all the necessary cyber security requirements.

This Package Includes:

  • Consulting Service

  • Security Health Check

  • Risk appetite .

  • Incident Response Plans

  • Security Policies

  • Compliance Services

Cyber Security Breach Investigation

This package is useful for organisations who have recently experienced a cyber breach , have experienced several breaches before , or they suspect that they might be a victim of a cyber breach. Alien Security will launch a full cyber security investigation, defining the problem behind the breach understanding What happened , When It happened , testing the compromised system to know Why it happened Whose data was affected, Where did the breach occur, Which main information security components were compromised , Confidentiality , Integrity , and/or Availability.

Alien Security will also work with the company to understand how they dealt with the breach and if sensitive data was compromised, what steps have they taken to inform their clients.

Red Team Operation Package

This package is often employed by organizations with more mature security postures and involves more resources and time as the process works on digging deep to fully test the level of security of the organization’s IT systems, employees, and physical assets. Red teaming is usually conducted after an organisation already done penetration testing and patched most vulnerabilities, and they’re looking for someone to come in and try again to access sensitive information or breach the defenses in any way possible, from many different angles, using different approaches.

Alien Security’s team of experts will focused on the target, preying on internal vulnerabilities by using different hacking methodologies as well as attempting to exploit the organization’s people, and the physical weaknesses to gain access using different electronic social engineering approaches.