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Founded & Managed By Noor Alrayes

{Cyber Security Expert , Hacker & Entrepreneur}

Alien Security is a three time award winning cyber security consultancy , that was founded in 2018 and is based in London. We offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex cyber security issues of your organization. 

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of ethical hackers trusted by leading companies around the world to evaluate the strength of their systems, networks, and infrastructure. Our qualified cyber security experts typically collaborate with internal IT departments but we are just as accustomed to working alongside non-technical personnel. 

What Do We Do

As ethical “white hat” hackers, our main purpose is to ensure that your confidential data is fortified behind the highest levels of security. We then work to affirm that your business is compliant with ever-changing industry security standards, which helps prevent legal action against you in addition to repetitional damage.​

How Do We Do It

In a controlled environment, our ethical hackers attempt to penetrate your existing systems, networks, and applications among other resources. By simulating cyber threats in this way, we can accurately report on your level of vulnerability to real-world attacks. Thereafter we lay out a roadmap that includes detailed practical recommendations to shore up your security defences.





Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Numerous large corporations rely on our Penetration Testing Services to comprehensively analyse the security of their infrastructure and computing networks. We find the weaknesses in your organisation’s systems by simulating malicious cyber-attacks and then provide you with a detailed report to help protect your company from real-world threats. We specialise in Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing and External Infrastructure Penetration Testing.

Application Penetration Testing

Many companies around the world rely on applications to effectively manage their businesses daily. For all the benefits that applications deliver, they are particularly prone to malicious attacks from cyber criminals due to their widespread availability on the Internet. As such, a myriad of organisations – large and small – are falling victim to such offences in accelerating numbers. 


Mobile Penetration Testing

More and more businesses are leveraging mobile technology to extend their service offering in an increasingly competitive landscape. With these advancements in mobile, we have also seen a surge in cyber threats as hackers incessantly look for vulnerabilities to gain access to your confidential information.

Wireless Security Penetration Testing

Wireless is the best way for any modern business to stay connected and remain fully operational. That being so, the very nature of it means you are at greater risk of remote attacks. 

Cloud Penetration Testing

With an ever-growing number of businesses migrating to the cloud, there is a need for additional security measures to prevent data breaches. At Alien Security, we are specialists in Cloud Penetration Testing Services. We cover a range of environments including SaaS (software as a service, DaaS (Desktop as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service).

Social Engineering

Through many years of providing Social Engineering Testing Services, we know that your people are typically the weakest link in your security program. This can occur through deliberate acts that include staff making a concerted effort to steal confidential data. Or it can be inadvertent due to a lack of awareness with regards to best practice security protocol.

The constant need to gain a competitive advantage coupled with continuous technological advancements means that your business’ susceptibility to attack is always changing. During a Cyber Risk Assessment, we analyse your unique business environment and then use our specialist industry knowledge to ensure that your cyber security controls are robust enough to effectively handle the range of risks your company is faced with.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Physical Security Penetration Testing

In an age where businesses are particularly concerned about network safety, physical security is a critical element that is often neglected. Many companies heavily invest in robust firewalls and other defence systems that will protect their organisation from virtual threats and rightfully so. However, this alone won’t protect you against someone walking into your premises undetected and stealing confidential information.

Business Continuity Management

In the event of disruptions – whether they originate from the micro or macro environment – most organisations would struggle to maintain acceptable service levels. Our Business Continuity Management Services are designed to assess your capability to withstand a range of corporate setbacks. We will evaluate your existing business continuity plan and provide solutions that ensure you can effectively manage and quickly recover from numerous scenarios.

Incidence Response Planning & Readiness

With the ever-rising threat of cyber-attacks against companies of all sizes, inadequate planning can result in soaring costs, considerable disruptions to business activity and significant reputational damage. Alien Security’s Incidence Response Planning & Readiness Services ensure that you are equipped to promptly resolve security issues and maintain operations in the event of an incident. 

Information Security Policies are the glue that keeps your company’s end-to-end defences intact. You could develop impenetrable processes that are reinforced by the best technology to identify potential threats, but you will also need to rely on your staff knowing what they are doing and understanding the importance of following the correct procedures.

Information Security Policies



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