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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Numerous large corporations rely on our Penetration Testing Services to comprehensively analyse the security of their infrastructure and computing networks. We find the weaknesses in your organisation’s systems by simulating malicious cyber-attacks and then provide you with a detailed report to help protect your company from real-world threats. We specialise in Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing and External Infrastructure Penetration Testing.


Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing


With many years of experience providing Infrastructure Penetration Testing Services under our belt, we know that most fraudulent attacks usually originate from within an organisation. This can be an aggrieved member of staff, a disgruntled contractor whose services are no longer required or a remote attacker that has managed to gain access to your internal network. Our Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing services will detail the different ways your infrastructure is vulnerable to internal attacks as well as the level of damage that could potentially be caused. 


External Infrastructure Penetration Testing


Black hat hackers are continuously looking for new ways to break into your computer networks with malicious intent. Our External Infrastructure Penetration Services are the best way to proactively identify any loopholes in your external-facing systems. Once we have established the source of the security risk, we will then provide your company with detailed recommendations to resolve the issues and prevent sensitive data from being compromised.


Alien Security’s Infrastructure Penetration Testing Services will protect your company from increasingly elaborate and daring cyber-attacks. Get in touch today to discuss your cyber security requirements.

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