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Physical Security Penetration Testing

In an age where businesses are particularly concerned about network safety, physical security is a critical element that is often neglected. Many companies heavily invest in robust firewalls and other defence systems that will protect their organisation from virtual threats and rightfully so. However, this alone won’t protect you against someone walking into your premises undetected and stealing confidential information.


We provide Physical Security Penetration Testing Services to identify the security issues in your company’s physical perimeter and controls. Our proven methodologies prevent physical intrusion that can ultimately result in unauthorised access to systems and networks.


Alien Security’s team of high-level consultants have mastered the art of demonstrating how trespassers can infiltrate even the most seemingly secure environments. We follow this up with impactful solutions that will reinforce blind spots and protect you from real-life criminals.


Our Physical Security Penetration Testing Services include but are not limited to the following:


ï      External and internal physical barriers.

ï      Cameras and sensors.

ï      Doors and locks.

ï      Biometrics.

ï      Situational awareness.

ï      Security guards.


Contact us today and learn more from our Physical Security experts. 

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